2014 World Conference Newsletter #4

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Newsletter No 4

With eight months to go to World Conference the committee can report that a few registration forms have been received. We would like to stress that a copy of the bank transfer MUST be included with the registration form. If you have not done this please forward a copy to our secretary as soon as possible so that we can balance the accounts. It is essential that this be done so that the treasurer can extract the information applicable to the registration form.

The Southee Complex at the Sydney Showground where the conference will be held is due for completion on the 07th March. The committee will be having an inspection on Thursday 13th march and photo’s will be available after our inspection and will be posted on the ISGF website for all to view.

A few enquiries regarding how to obtain a visa have been received. All the information for obtaining the correct visa is available on the ISGF website as well as from your National President or International Secretary. This information has been distributed to all countries by the World Bureau. Most countries require an e-visa 651 Business visa to attend the conference as explained on the website. The committee is liaising with the Immigration Department to assist all in making the progress easy so please follow what is required and there should be no trouble. A list of all registered members will be forwarded to the Immigration department who will in turn notify the Australian Embassies in all countries the names of people attending the conference.

Those who are going on the Post Conference tours will need to book an extra night at the end of the tour as the bus does not arrive back in Sydney until approximately 06.00pm on the final day and will drop everyone one off at their hotel. Those arriving before the conference starts will also need to book additional nights on their registration form.

The organising committee is looking forward to seeing you all in eight months in Sydney.

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