Latest Details for 27th World Conference, Sydney, October 2014

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(Opposite for download) are forms relating to the coming 27th World Conference to be held in Sydney October 2014. Included are Registration forms for Volunteers and a one day only attendance.

I suggest you read the Newsletters (latest is #5, June 2014) and the recent FAQ from NSGFA before looking at the other papers.

If you have any questions, please contact Yvonne James, NSGFA Secretary trefoilaus(at) 

Whether you are planning to head to the 27th World Conference being held in Sydney in October or not, this note came in from Barbara Dean:

The ISGF is presenting a kit to assist all countries with ideas for programming, service, international travel to event and international visitors to your guilds etc.

The NSGFA has been asked to collate and forward as many short stories pertaining to the above accompanied with photos no later than the 7th August 2014 {edit: although Barbara has mentioned a bit of lee way could be given. Please contact her}.

These stories should be from the time period of 2011 to 2014.

Some or all of these will also be used for the NSGFA presentation at the 27th ISGF World Conference in Sydney.

This is the opportunity for members of the constituent organisations of Trefoil ; B P and St Georges guild to contribute.

Please forward your presentations via email to Barbara at: trefoil(at) as soon as possible.

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