NSGFA Executive minutes 16 February 2014

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MINUTES  16 February 2014 of NSGFA executive meeting

Held at Rover Centre Highland Ave, Clayton, Vic.

  1. Meeting commenced 11.10 am
  2. Present: Barbara Dean, Greg Davies, Yvonne James, Richard Stuart-Smith, Aram Joukadjian, Ann Taylor.
  3. Apologies: nil
  4. Minutes of previous meeting:  13-10-13  Moved: Richard,  Seconded: Greg         Carried.
  5. Business arising:

5.1          Aram Joukadjian (current Victorian BP Guildmaster) accepted the position of International Secretary. Aram was warmly welcomed and presented with the badge of office.

5.2          Brochure advertising ISGF Conference to be created by Greg. The need for this brochure was discussed and it was decided that Greg need not proceed with same. A personal approach to members seemed more effective.

5.3          Queensland BP Guild and TG meeting with Barbara re Changeover. See 12.3.

  1. Correspondence: Correspondence to be dealt with in General Business under its appropriate item.


6.1          World Bureau e-mails re SKYPE contact on Fellowship Day (were forwarded as appropriate)

6.2          NSGFUK Fellowship Greetings and Newsletter (circulated).

6.3          Notification election new office bearers Italy.

6.4          Sheila Cameron Camp invoices received – forwarded to BPG.

6.5          ASPAC meeting 1-2 February 2014 notified by email. Agenda received.

6.6          ABN number received 48 814 497 959

6.7          Names and statistics received from St George Guild

6.8          Copies of  27th World Conference application forms received by email and mail (ISGF had  circulated these to all ISGF member countries)

6.9          Papers from ISGF on business items at Conference meeting received (13-12-2013) and candidate application for World Committee.

6.10        ISGF Census form for 2013

6.11        Minutes of 27th Conference Planning committee October, December 2013, January 2014 and February 2014.

6.12        NSGFA Changeover 2014 met in Queensland – Minutes 22-11-13 received.

6.13        Uganda Fellowship proposal for refugee assistance.

6.14        ISGF  member volunteer scheme (circulated)

6.15        ASPAC Region Newsletter No 4. (Circulated)

6.16        ASPAC final meeting papers for Manilla received 19-1-2014


6.17        Fellowship greetings to ASPAC, UK and ISGF website

6.18        E-mails from Barbara to Mike Clayton (UNHCR) re ISGF Fellowship Toy. 11-11-13

6.19        Invited Vic BP Guildmaster to fill International Secretary Position (no reply)

6.20        To ASPAC Region Secretary (18-12-13) – see comment  page 2.

6.21        Dugald Meek – AON Risk Services. Detail regarding World Conference and NSGFA members.

6.22        Sympathy Card (Audrey Williams) to Eric Williams.

6.23    NSGFA Contact list – advising that NSGFA require copies of completed application’s forms for 27th ISGF World Conference

“That the inwards be accepted and the outwards endorsed.”                                                                                      Moved: Yvonne                 Seconded: Greg                               Carried

7.       Treasurer’s Report

7.1   Financial report presented by Richard Stuart-Smith.

Bank Balance $18,428.87 (including Petty Cash) as at 16-Feb-2014.

Report received – moved Aram, seconded Greg. Carried.

7.2   Stock NSGFA shop. 300x60th ISGF Anniversary badges ordered and paid. These to sell for $12 a set. Ann undertook to advertise these items through the Badge Club and our Newsletter, advising they could be purchased via Richard.

7.3   ASPAC. $100 annual membership taken and paid in USD currency, to Manilla by Richard.

7.4   Agreed that the 4 Australian Delegates receive a grant to supplement cost of attending the Conference. Amount to be discussed and determined at May meeting.

7.5   Reimbursement of fares

7.5.1.        Richard. ASPAC meeting in Manilla. Richard submitted a claim for ASPAC meeting accommodation $274.45. He was asked to include the airfare in the claim. Discussion led to the option of a member donating part of monies paid for expenses, or as a grant, back to the NSGFA or to a fund of their choosing.

7.5.2.        Barbara Air travel for committee meeting $240

7.6   A NSW/ACT Trefoil Guild have undertaken the pricing and packaging of goods currently in hand for our shop at the Conference. $130 had been received from these Guild members who, it was agreed, could pre-purchase some of the items.

Accounts for payment – moved Greg, seconded Ann, carried.

8.        tg:  By Ann Taylor

8.1          Ann will issue the first 2014 issue of our Newsletter, as soon as practical, following this meeting.

8.2          Following discussion, it was decided change the title of our newsletter from – “AFN” to “NSGFA News”. This better explains who we are.

General Business:

9.       AsPac  Region

9.1          AsPac meeting 1-2 February 2014 in Manila Philippines. A “Highlights of the Meet” has been received from MAK Mecci and Richard presented his report.

9.2          Charitable Foundation. The creation of a charitable Foundation, for supporting worthy causes within the Region, was proposed.

The Executive committee discussed this proposal. Points were made such as the management risks of forming a Foundation when the Region was new with frequent changes of personnel and that Australian’s current practice of re-acting to Region needs as they arise is likely to be more successful..

It was moved that Australia “not support the creation of a Foundation”

Moved Barbara, Seconded Ann, carried.

9.3    Constitution. It was noted that the ASPAC Constitution should be simple, flexible and functional.

It  was suggested that Mecci, Rasheed, Brian and a Trefoil representative work on the constitution further with an aim to adopt same in 2015

Among the points noted for revision were:

The Vice Chairman must be a NSGF Chairman.

There must be a minimum number of ASPAC Regional Members otherwise the Regional Committee must close down. Suggested a minimum of 4 countries.

Add rules to suspend or cancel a country and what if a country resigns.

Three months (in place of six) advice of meetings and voting.

Invitations to be issued 12 months minimum before an event (not 24 months).

Review current funding option by “…or a division of regional expenses to each NSGF based on membership” as this may not be seen as fair or the best way to share the cost.

Add that a financial statement be prepared.

Funds to be disbursed back to Region NSGFs if ASPAC Region ever dismantled (not to be given to World ISGF as the Region gathered and raised the funds).

Following discussion Australia supports the deletion of the option for “division of regional expenses to each NSGF based on membership”.

It was moved that “Barbara be proposed as the Trefoil representative on the Constitution revision committee.” Moved Yvonne, seconded Greg, carried.

9.4          Richard’s report included the official and social aspects of the meeting which included the negotiations and reports of progress toward ISGF membership in ASPAC countries. The Maldives are ready to apply for recognition and the Philippines accepted in principle that BSP (Boy Scouts Philippines) will accept ISGF establishment. The Trefoil Guild is already established within 18 Councils of the GSP (Girl Scouts of the Philippines). 

Richard took part in a closed session regarding Finance.

9.5       At the ASPAC February meeting it was recommended that Australia and India try to submit     

       Candidates for election to the World committee. See 10.6

   9.6          14th ASPAC Gathering 2015 will be held in Bangalore- India from 20th to 24th September at “Clarks Erotica Resort and Spa” (5 star). This resort is about 1 hour from the city of Bangalore and the preliminary cost quoted at USD325. Theme “Bridges Gaps and Melting Borders”. Further detail will be circulated as it is received.

10.   ISGF

10.1        “Our Kit” (project of the World Committee to create a helpful collection of information about ISGF), will be launched by World Committee at the 27th World Conference in Sydney.

10.2        “Fellowship Toy” This is a World Committee project in partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to collect and send toys to children in refugee camps. All NSGFs were asked to contact their UNHC office to arrange delivery arrangements. After many emails, letters and phone calls Barbara has eventually received an answer. The Australian UNHCR has informed NSGFA that they do not have the funds within their budget to participate in this project. Any Australian members who have already collected toys in anticipation of being part of the ISGF collection are advised to donate same to a suitable local agency.

10.3        Uganda. Following acknowledgement of greetings, Australia is being kept in touch with refugee situation and has received notice that a proposal from Uganda Fellowship is to be discussed with World Committee. (This is for information only)

10.4        2013 ISGF Census papers have been received and completed. The census/report was circulated to the Executive Committee and, with a minor addition, this was approved and will be submitted to ISGF Brussels.

10.5        “ISGF Member Volunteer” is an initiative of ISGF.  Information and form has been circulated to States. It is requested that member’s application go to State Adviser/Guildmaster, who then forwards to the NSGFA Secretary, who will arrange it be sent to ISGF.

10.6        World Committee Candidate.

Motion “that the NSGFA actively seek a suitable member to nominate as a candidate for election to the World ISGF Committee”. Moved Barbara, Seconded Asam, carried.

States will be circulated Circulars 04A and 04B which give explanation of what is entailed in membership of the World Committee and a nomination form (note the extras/attachments required with circular 04B). Any member interested in nominating needs to consider what is entailed throughout the 6 year term. Barbara can provide more detail regarding the travel involved to any interested member. The forms will be also be downloadable from http://afofsag.webs.com/

                A letter of recommendation is required from the NSGFA who may nominate only one candidate. The completed Circular 04B is to be sent to the NSGFA Executive by the potential candidate and he/she understand they may be required for interview. As ISFG require receipt of applications by 11 May 2014, forms with attachments must reach NSGFA by 18 April 2014 at the latest.

11.   27th World Conference Sydney

11.1        Contract signed with Sydney Showgrounds for Conference Venue. Schedule for payments as follows:

1. $5150.00 (includes $3000.00 bond).

2. $15,450.00 due 28.02.2014 (applications close 30.04.2014)

3. $30900.00 due 6 June 2014

4. due 29-08.2014.

5. Final payment invoice due 5 working days before event.

Time of notice prior to the event - 

  • Between 6-12 months, 30% of the Occupation fee.
  • Between 3-6 months, 60% of the occupation fee.

11.2        Insurance quotes have been obtained from Marsh (Event Liability policy), Arena (Cancellation Insurance) and AON. Barbara will request GGA for professional advice on which may be the most suitable.

11.3        NSGFA shop (27th World Conference). Donations received from Australian Trefoil Guild and Girl Guides NSW. No response from Scout NSW. Further donations have been offered from other sources (e.g. Trefoil Guilds) Pricing and packaging of the donations has been undertaken by a NSW Trefoil Guild. Barbara agreed to apply for operation as a shop – not as a stall on Market Day.

Explanation of World Market. All countries may participate, bringing items which reflect their country.  Special ISGF printed money is used (purchased by attendees using any currency). Money is raised to assist ISGF members having difficulty paying fees, support any other country or go to the Development fund. This year ISGF will have a stall to benefit the Development fund.

11.4        Australian Delegation. Member countries are allowed 4 delegates (4 votes per country). The Executive will choose 2 TG and 2 BPG, one to be head of delegation and notify ISGF by 11 May. The following were nominated.

BPG: Greg Davies and Richard Stuart-Smith.

Moved Barbara, seconded Aram, carried.

TG: Barbara Dean with other TG member to be approached.

Moved Yvonne, seconded Ann. Carried.

“That Barbara be ‘Head of Delegation’” moved Yvonne, seconded Greg, carried.

11.5        Also included in the Conference papers forwarded from ISGF were the Provisional Agenda and detail of meeting procedures which included the appointment of Resolution Committee etc.

11.6        Discussion was held on some items reported in the Planning Committee Minutes. It was brought to attention the committee’s use of the name NSGFA website when they refer to the section in the ISGF website relating to the Conference.

                There was also mention of an offer from the Australian Scout International Commissioner to speak on Australian Scouting.  It was uncertain if this had reference to the Guest Speaker (The original Speaker had refused the invitation), or in anticipation of another gap in the program? It was pointed out that if his offer was accepted that a Girl Guide speaker would also need to be invited.

11.7        To ensure the eligibility of Fellowship members who apply to attend the 27th World Conference it is expected that each application will be authorized by the member’s NSGF. Following a request to State Advisers and Guildmasters copies of Australian applications are being forwarded. Aram is to hold same, check their authenticity with the ATGA and BPGuildmaster, then, after the closing date for application, forward a list of endorsements to the Conference registrar.


12.1        ABN number has been applied for and received 48 814 497 959. Richard explained this gave us registration as a business which could add value to our applications for registration. Richard is working on our 5th application for Incorporation / “Company Limited by Guarantee”. He is aware of the urgency of registration. Any necessary consultation before the May meeting will be conducted by e-mail.

12.3     Queensland NSGFA Executive. Barbara reported on the meeting held with Queensland personnel. From 2014-2017 the chair will be held by the BPG. It has been decided that the Changeover event will be at Kindilan. NSGFA AGM/Changeover will be 2 November 2014. BPG Guildmasters to arrive 31 October for their meetings.

13. Other business.

13.1    Barbara apologised for absence at next meeting but will arrange to join the Committee via Skype.

13.2    Attention was drawn to the annual payment of $50 toward Executive member’s costs. Although this was declined it was decided that the amount should be paid then returned to NSGFA as a donation. This ensures that the practice is retained for use by future committees.

Meeting closed 2,45pm

Next meeting: Sunday 11am, May 4, 2014 at the Victorian Rover Centre, Highland Ave, Clayton.

Download PDF copy of the full minutes of the meeting

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